Clearly Better Than A Box

Sell Stack

Introducing Innovative Plastech's Superior Pallet Trays

The Sell Stack is a thermoformed pallet tray that significantly improves upon the conventional corrugated fiberboard. It is ideal for club stores eager to increase product visibility within their pallet delivery system. 

  • Clear plastic trays create enhanced product visibility to lift sales by up to 20%1
  • Custom designed to your product: Trays stack snuggly and offer an easy reach for customers
  • Available in full pallet (40”x48”), half pallet (24”x40”)and quarter pallet (20”x24”) sizes· 
  • Waterproof, recyclable & highly durable: can be reused up to five times2 


plastic pallet trays plastic pallet trays

1 Based on test market studies at major retail locations
2 Passed ISTA testing at Virginia Tech University’s Center for Unit Load Design